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Welcome to Torque IT, Africa’s premier ICT technical training provider with a legacy spanning over 25 years. As pioneers in the field, we offer an extensive portfolio of internationally accredited training programs from leading technology vendors.

Recognised by Microsoft and esteemed industry bodies, Torque IT stands as a symbol of educational excellence, dedicated to shaping the next generation of IT professionals. Our commitment to meeting rigorous standards in educational competency, service, and customer satisfaction underscores our mission to prepare individuals for success in the ever-evolving technology landscape.

At Torque IT, we view authorised Microsoft training as integral to any technology implementation. Our Microsoft-accredited programs and certifications are designed to maximise your technology investment, ensuring you remain at the forefront of innovation. With universally recognised Microsoft certifications, both individuals and organisations can showcase their expertise and credibility.

As a trusted Cloud Solutions Partner for Microsoft in South Africa, Torque IT holds the highest accreditation awarded by Microsoft to Learning Partners specialising in technical, product, and solutions training. Through our comprehensive training programs, we empower engineers, developers, and end-users to unlock their full potential, driving efficiency and innovation in the marketplace.

Our commitment to excellence extends across a wide spectrum of Microsoft technologies, including Windows Server, Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and more. At Torque IT, we’re dedicated to providing unparalleled skills development, training, and certification solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Join us on a journey of knowledge and empowerment, where we equip individuals and organisations with the tools they need to thrive in today’s digital age.

Microsoft Introduction to Copilot

Dive into the world of Copilot, GitHub’s AI-powered code assistant. Learn how Copilot can streamline your coding process, boost productivity, and enhance code quality by providing helpful suggestions and automating repetitive tasks.

Date: 5 June 2024
Microsoft Demystifying AI and Applied Skills

Gain a comprehensive understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) and its real-world applications. Explore practical skills and strategies for leveraging AI technologies effectively in various domains, from business to healthcare, and beyond.


Date: 20 June 2024
Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

Get acquainted with the fundamentals of Microsoft Azure, one of the leading cloud computing platforms. Discover how Azure enables organisations to build, deploy, and manage applications and services with ease, scalability, and security


Date: 26 June 2024
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Torque IT is the ideal go to partner, to help businesses invest in, and reach their goal of, contributing towards the sustainability of the IT sector, and ultimately their own sustainability, through the funding of learnerships, internships or skills programmes.